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Künstler Bei Wu and the Peter Wilmot Thompson Stiftung will open Sculpture Park Wesenberg on 25th June, 2016.


The inaugural exhibition will show 23 large sculptures installed in the surrounding forest with more than 60 smaller ones in the adjoining exhibition galleries.


The exhibition is committed to the cultural exchange of fine arts between Australian and German artists.


The Sculpture Park Wesenberg, on beautiful Weissensee (White Lake or Bei Wu), in the Mecklenburg lake district, envisions an artist colony between the three towns of Neustrelitz, Mirow and Wesenberg.


Situated at the southern entrance of the Müritz National Park, the Sculpture Park Wesenberg and its associated exhibition areas will be open to the public free of admission.


Following are some of the house artists of our Foundation:


Inge King, born in Berlin in November 1915 and now living in Warrandyte near Melbourne, Australia. In an indoor six-room space, there will be an exhibition of photo images of her artwork together with text panels to tell the story of her life art achievements and her contributions to the development of the art of abstract public sculpture in Australia.


Erwin Fabian, also born in November 1915 in Berlin, and now living and still creating art in Melbourne, Australia. In a spacious gallery, at the entrance of our exhibition galleries, there will be an exhibition of his contemporary sculptures, together with his father, Max Fabian’s expressionist works of art.


Jock Clutterbuck, a sculptor in his early Seventies, living and working in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. In the Jock Clutterbuck Gallery, there will be an exhibition showing his life-long research into printmaking and sculpture as modes of holistic and esoteric expression.


Michael Cartwright and Shona Nunan, an artist couple who are originally from Melbourne, and have spent the last 12 years living and working in Tuscany, Italy. They have exhibited their works of art in Asia for over 20 years, and will be exhibiting works in the Nunan-Cartwright Gallery, as well as outdoor works in the nearby forest of Sculpture Park Wesenberg.


Jacob and Sollai Cartwright, both in their late Twenties, are the sons of Michael and Shona. They will be exhibiting a site-specific ‘sound sculpture’ by Jacob and a marble sculpture by Sollai in the forest.


Michael Kutschbach, an established artist working in diverse media originally from Melbourne, who has exhibited widely throughout Australia and Europe. He has based his practice in Berlin for the last 10 years.


Oliver Tanner, an accomplished artist in his Twenties and former graduate of the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.


Johann Carrera, from Columbia, South America, an outstanding graduate from the sculpture department of the National Art School of Australia, and the winner of an annual prize for a three month Artists in Residency programme at Weissensee.


Mig Dann, already in her early Seventies is a recent graduate with a First-Class Honours Degree in Fine Arts (sculpture) from the RMIT University in Melbourne.


Benjamin Storch, a worldly German artist, who has lived and worked in Melbourne, for the last five years. His artworks are regularly exhibited in McClelland Sculpture Park and at Sculpture By The Sea in Australia.


Laurence Edwards, an established British artist, whose mother is German born in Düsseldorf. He is living in the UK and has built up a full-range foundry organically and ecologically in Suffolk, England.


Fre’ Ilgen, an established Dutch artist who has been working and living in Berlin for the last nine years. His artworks are regularly exhibited in Europe, USA and East Asia, including solo shows in New York (5), Berlin, Seoul, and participation in the 2015 Venice Biennale.


Takayuki Daikoku, an outstanding Japanese artist in his mid-thirties, now living and working in Brandenburg, Germany.


Alan Chan, a high achieving artist and Hong Kong based designer and brand consultant. He and his company have received over 600 international and local awards. His works were selected for Shanghai Biennale (2002 & 2006) and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award (2010 &2012), and exhibited in Art Basel Hong Kong (2015 & 2016).

Posted on 09.05.2016
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