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2017 Events
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There will be three major opening events in Weissensee scheduled for Saturday 24th June 2017.


Event I


The opening of an Australian indigenous art exhibition. The exhibition will include artworks of established indigenous artists, particularly from Arnhem Land in the most northern part of the country, drawing from nature and ancient traditions,  thereby connecting artistic parallels with Western contemporary art movements.




Event II


The launching of a new book in our  Bei Wu Publishing Collection on Jock Clutterbuck and his approach to creating art, titled  ‘Jock Clutterbuck – An Artist drawing from nature and Psychic connections’ .


Jock is an exceptional Australian artist who grew up in and with nature on his family farm in Victoria and connecting with the spirit of the land and bush life in Australia. Pursuing an artists path, he has continued to search for the deeper meaning in life and experience it through art.


This led him to study and experience ways of different  esoteric traditions, working with his intuition and trusting in psychic inspiration through meditation.




Event III


A concert to inaugurate Event I and Event II with a premiere performance of a new piece of music composed by our first Composer in Residence, Sadie Harrison (please refer to the previously posted 2017 EVENT I and note the date has changed from May 2017 to 24th June 2017) .


The concert programme will include Sadie’s new composition, as well as works from Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Ludovico Einaudi and Arvo Pårt and be performed by our Orchestra in Residence, Concerto Brandenburg Berlin.


The theme of our concert is ‘contemporarily minimal, naturally meditative and serenely spiritual’ depicted through the  Australian indigenous art on exhibition,  as well as the art of Jock Clutterbuck, as well as  in the magical natural environment in and around Weissensee.



For a preview of the concert, please view the following video.



Posted on 31.03.2017
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