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Sadie Harrison ‘Composer-in-Residence’ at Sculpture Park Wesenberg




We are delighted to announce that Sadie Harrison has just been appointed as the first Composer-in-Residence for the Künstler Bei Wu Sculpture Park Wesenberg in Germany.


Under the auspices of the Peter Wilmot Thompson Stiftung, the Sculpture Park Wesenberg was opened on 25th June, 2016. It is located between the three towns of Neustrelitz, Mirow and Wesenberg on the beautiful Weissensee (White Lake or Bei Wu), in the Mecklenburg lake district at the southern entrance of the Müritz National Park. The Park is committed to the cultural exchange of fine arts between Australian and German artists, functioning as both a working artist’s colony with in situ studios, and as a public exhibition venue with several newly-designed gallery spaces.


The inaugural exhibition displayed 23 large sculptures installed in the surrounding forest with more than 60 pieces in the adjoining exhibition galleries. Featured artists for 2016-17 currently include Inge King, Erwin Fabian, Jock Clutterbuck, Michael Cartwright and Shona Nunan, Jacob and Sollai Cartwright, Michael Kutschbach, Oliver Tanner, Johann Carrera, Mig Dann, Benjamin Storch, Laurence Edwards, Fre’ Ilgen, Takayuki Daikoku and Alan Chan.


The Park is committed to enhancing the visitor’s experience through music and regular concerts which will take place in the Chamber Music Hall in the centre of the gallery. 2017 will see the appointment of the Park’s first Composer-in-Residence, Australian-born Sadie Harrison. Sadie will write a number of works through the year, including a new piece for the Inauguration of the Park’s Australian Indigenous Art Gallery in May 2017. The opening willcoincide with the AUSTRALIA NOW festival organised by the Australian Embassy in Berlin, celebrating the cultural and trade relationship between Australia and Germany. Sadie will also be writing a piece for the Park’s resident Ensemble Bei Wu which consists of Baroque strings, transverse flute and harpsichord., and a chamber work in the style of Weimar Republic cabaret music.


For more information about Sadie, see her website:

Posted on 23.11.2016
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